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Marcel Petitpas

Agency Profitability Expert
I help high growth creative agencies, consultancies and service businesses track the right metrics and maximize their profitability.

Marcel Petitpas

Speaker, Consultant & CEO
I help high growth creative agencies, consultancies and service businesses track the right metrics and maximize their profitability.

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Keynotes & Workshops


Keynote Speaking

As an international keynote speaker, Marcel has been featured on over 100 stages, webinars and podcasts around the world.

He’s been featured as an expert by brands like, Adworld, Teamwork, Scoro, Toggl, Agency Analytics, Wordstream, Canva, The Bureau of Digital,, Louder Than Ten, E-commerce Agency Growth, Grow Your Digital Agency, Jason Swenk, Agency Management Institute, Consulting Success and many more.

He is widely regarded as the foremost expert on measuring and optimizing service-based businesses, with a particular focus on digital and creative agencies.

Common topics Marcel is asked to speak about include:

  • How to measure and improve agency profitability.
  • How to build data-driven systems for project scoping & forecasting.
  • Pricing model optimization for agencies & professional services.
  • How to implement time tracking without pissing off your team.
  • And many more.

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker that can make agency metrics accessible and entertaining for your audience, look no further.

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“By implementing these best practices, we were able to go from no profitability to over 27% net profit in under 60 days.”

Chris Martinez, Founder – DUDE Agency

My Consulting & Software Company

Fractional Data Operations for Agencies

The Agency Profitability Firm

I’m the CEO and founder of Parakeeto, a consulting and technology firm dedicated exclusively to helping agencies answer important questions without wasting time on spreadsheets.

Through our 5 step process, we audit and benchmark agencies, then help them install the reporting systems, cadences necessary to improve their profitability.

Our team of analysts and consultants ensures clients have clean, accurate and timely reports on their key operations metrics and provide expert guidance to optimize profitability.

We’re building the world’s first ETL layer for professional services operations data.



The Agency Profit Podcast

I host a podcast dedicated to helping agencies & consultancies run more profitably. Tune in to hear me interview some of the smartest thought leaders in the space.


Profitability Optimization


Agency Profitability Optimization

I help a select group of fast growing creative agencies and consultancies reduce scope creep, increase utilization and master capacity planning so they can accelerate growth and maximize profitability. If you’ve figured out how to sell, but are struggling with cash flow – I can help.

“If you care about making your agency a bit more fun, a lot more meaningful and a lot more profitable; I’d suggest working with Marcel hands down.”

Dev Basu, Founder – Million Dollar Agency & Powered By Search

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Speaking & Podcast Appearances

Looking for a speaker for your next event, or a guest to bring value to your podcast audience? I specialize in helping creative agencies and professional services firms optimize their profitability.