Marcel Petitpas | FitBean Nutrition – Motivational Talk
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FitBean Nutrition – Motivational Talk

About This Project

Marcel had the pleasure of addressing the over 60 of FitBean Nutrition’s clients to help them stay motivated to achieve their health and wellness goals. In his talk, Marcel dove deep into the “why” behind their motivation to live a healthier lifestyle, addressed fears that may hold them back, and left them with a powerful framework to reset their mindset daily.



“I recently asked Marcel to do a motivational talk to the members of my group (the goal was to help them stay motivated and how to mentally keep on track). Marcel delivered. His energy is infectious and his ability to connect and engage the audience is a gift. He presented, explained and delivered a very powerful message that was heartfelt, inspiring and motivating. I am truly grateful. Thank-you Marcel. I look forward to working with you again.” – Denise Melanson, Founder of FitBean Nutrition




February 19, 2017