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About Marcel

Marcel Petitpas / Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur.

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About Marcel

Born in 1993, Marcel is a young rising talent in the keynote speaking world. His focus is on helping youth and forward thinking organizations to improve their mindset and embrace the discomfort that comes with achieving meaningful results.

Don’t let his age fool you, Marcel has worked with fortune 100’s and top speakers/coaches like Raul Villacis, Dan Martell, Martin Latulippe, Mark Jewell and Mark Black to name a few.

He’s reached thousands around the world through his speaking, videos and coaching. Assembled dozens of world class speakers and influencers on stages across the continent during his Master Mindset events. But most importantly, he’s made a difference in the lives of those he’s reached, and he can do the same for you.

His Mission

Marcel believes that by shedding the fears and insecurities that hold us back and focusing on our values, we can all become better, happier, and more impactful people.

His mission is to share the lessons that changed his life forever and allowed him to embrace the discomfort that helped him grow into the person he is today.

His Story

Marcel’s story is primarily defined by his struggle to overcome adversity at a young age. During his childhood, he was affected by mental illness as it began to disrupt the life of his family. Moving into two separate homes in a new city at age 10, he began down a 5-year journey of abuse, depression and reached an all-time low experiencing suicidal thoughts at age 12.  At such a vulnerable age, when so many things could go wrong, somehow things started to go right.

After exposure to mental health resources, counseling, and a few great people, things started to get better. Marcel would go on to be an award-winning athlete, graduate from high school and attend university before dropping out to work for a fortune 100 company. Since then, Marcel has taken on an entrepreneurial path and reflects on his most challenging moments in life as his most important.

Today, Marcel travels the world sharing his story and inspiring others to reach their full potential. When he’s not delivering keynote presentations, you can find him validating technology startup ideas, coaching CrossFit or spending time with his family.

His Message

Marcel’s keynote presentations are truly unique. He weaves powerful lessons with his personal story. Uses engaging audience interactions to create emotional connections and lasting impacts. His message is a simple one, but one that we often need to be reminded of.

At its core, his message consists of three important lessons:

1. Every challenge possesses the seed of an equivalent lesson.
2. Our values can be the compass that guides us to fulfillment.
3. The most meaningful things in life are usually the hardest.




There are millions of people out there who are where I was. They're depressed, anxious, doing everything they can to find happiness and purpose. That's why I do what I do, because I've come a long way and I know they can too.

Keynote Talks

Is your organization going through a period of change? Is your team tackling a challenging situation? Do you want to motivate your people to overcome adversity to achieve something great? To embrace the challenges between them and making a meaningful impact in the world?

In this 30-90 minute keynote talk, Marcel shares his story of adversity and how his pain became his power. He shares an important message about the challenges we face in our lives: Not only are they unavoidable, but they are necessary. Adversity is always a part of what makes us grow, and what makes our accomplishments meaningful.

How does technology and social media impact a young person’s ability to find their purpose in life? Is our access to infinite choice and instant information positive or negative? How can we teach our youth to have a healthy and productive relationship with these tools?

In this 45-60 minute talk, Marcel describes growing up in the information age and the influence technology has had on his journey to finding purpose. He offers his recommendations on helping youth make sense of, and benefit from these tools rather than be crippled by them. At its core, this talk shares a simple message: Applying a filter of purpose to our digital world is the key to taking it from being overwhelming to empowering.



Inspire your people with Marcel’s powerful and experiential keynote talks.


Get a value packed workshop designed to fit your organizational needs.


Get ongoing support to remove roadblocks, maintain focus and reach goals.



"Marcel was captivating, relatable and truly inspired our young entrepreneurs. We still get messages from YEC participants about the impact of his talk."

Sarah Short- Founder of the Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge

"Looking for unique inspiration from a rising talent who has an uncanny ability to articulate the complexities of our modern world? Look no further than Marcel Petitpas!"

Dawn Arnold - Mayor of Moncton

"Marcel blew me way. This young man’s journey, the magnitude of experiences, and how he dealt with them is inspiring. His counsel is magnificent and his ultra-positive approach is truly unique and refreshing."

Dr. Suzette Hart - PHD, Educator @ NYC

"Marcel really knocked it out of the park, he came off like a seasoned professional and I was so, so impressed. Phenomenal!"

Marc Albert, CEO DPL Wireless

"The last time I attended a talk given by Marcel Petitpas I was moved beyond measure. I find myself reflecting on his insights almost every single day. "

John Gonzales - Founder of Rehab 1

"Marcel was life changing for me and opened my eyes to all the possibilities in this world. All you need is the right mindset!"

Nick Markese, Master Mindset NYC Attendee

"Out of all the speakers I heard today, I related to Marcel the most. He knocked it out of the park right out of the gate!"

Marcel Leblanc - Certified Financial Advisor


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